Artificial Intelligence in Smartphones | Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Bangalore and Hyderabad

Artificial Intelligence Training Institute in Bangalore and Hyderabad – The future of smartphones revolves around terminologies like machine learningartificial intelligence and augmented reality. We’re starting to see this happen already, as most smartphone manufacturers now stress that their devices have AI baked in.

What is artificial intelligence, exactly?

The scope of artificial intelligence has expanded and evolved over time, and it is very hard to frame a concrete definition. In the broadest of terms, however, AI is anything or any instance where a machine is able to reason and make decisions that are not explicitly defined.

Artificial intelligence is being presented as a life-changing feature, and in many ways it is. A human brain can never perform calculations as fast as a blazingly fast processor, but it has the ability to decode the world around it and distinguish between objects, animals, shapes, and sizes. This is what AI is set to bring to the table – the ability to allow smartphones (and other devices) to understand surroundings and make their own decisions.

How the AI in Smartphones Shaped Your Phone’s Intelligence

1.Voice Assistant: Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa all use data to understand their users’ voice commands and to perform a variety of tasks.

2.Better photos with AI: AI has even allowed us to improve the quality of the photos we take with our smartphones. AI has been used to take better low-light photos, better selfies, and even to add artistic-looking special effects to existing photos.

3. Face Recognition: The best example of an AI facial recognition feature being used in a smartphone is the iPhone X’s Face ID, a security feature enabling users to unlock their phones using their face


4.Animoji: This implements facial point tracking using the same IR sensors and on-device inference processing. The feature allows the user to map the features of their face onto an animated emoji, allowing them to manipulate features of the animation by simply mirroring it in their own face.

5.Automated calendar entries: Another AI-infused feature is designed to streamline the process of scheduling appointments and events by parsing email and automatically adding them (or suggesting the additions) directly to your calendar — fishing out information regarding flights, appointments, or even restaurant reservations.

 6. Located based app suggestions: Smartphones typically know where they are and will make helpful app suggestions based on the user’s physical location.