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What is Embedded Systems Learning Explained by ISM UNIV

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26 Apr 2016

What is Embedded Systems Learning Explained by ISM UNIV

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What is Embedded Systems Learning Explained by ISM UNIV

Latest buzz word in technology always is embedded systems and it is gaining further more attention since after IOT has been primary target of the present day IT industry. Here, it is quite imperative to understand more about embedded systems and ISM UNIV is trying to create serene overview on it through this post.

What exactly is This Embedded System?

It is very common now for everyone to have a PC or laptop or smartphone. All these electronic products will have motherboard in it, which is a major driving force for the device. This motherboard is an embedded system. It will consist of a processor, memory module, onboard RAM, I/O interface, PCI or peripheral communication interface, and some more. Every device is designed to cater well certain tasks like the way PC architecture designed in a way cater well for certain applications like Word, Excel, net browsing and many more. Here, embedded systems learning all about the customization of processor, memory, microcontroller, I/O, display, OS, PCI and some more. Here, this well trained embedded systems engineer designs successfully specific applications for any system of the present day. Now, the embedded system engineer wants to develop a real time, and then it will be called real time embedded system programming. Here, real time represents system control to obtain real values with no waiting. Very common examples in this context are smartphones, a gasoline station with digital interface, automatic teller machine, modern day air conditioners, DVD players, washing machines, medical equipment and many more.

At present and future is definitely all about embedded systems and microcontrollers programming. It is essential for an individual to have programming language knowledge to learn embedded systems and programming etiquette can result into a good learning curve on this field. Any programming language knowledge is enough here and there is no specific programming language requirement essential to learn it. Some of the experts in this field suggest present learners to be ready with the following 5 things before starting to learn embedded system programming.

  1. It is always good to learn programming language C in advance to initiating learning this program.
  2. It is always wise to be equipped with the knowledge of electronics basics.
  3. Be yourself ready with basic equipment like digital multi-meter, soldering iron, a hardware debugger like JTag adapter.
  4. Be equipped with microcontroller like STM32 family of microcontrollers.
  5. Pick some of the components as well as their datasheets to dig deeper into them.