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18 May 2016

VLSI/Chip Design Trends in India

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VLSI/Chip Design Trends in India

 India is currently holding good prospectus in the field of VLSI and chip designing. The present growth of the India is witnessing significant 20% annually. Currently, there are above 160 companies in our country excelling well in this field. Industry is thankful to the talent that is emerging as a great support year by year, which is fueling positively for the domestic markets growth too. Here, constantly growing demand in the country for electronics products resulting into a greater avenues for these companies at the same time being an employment opportunities for many young talents.

Jobs are plenty in VLSI/Chip design field and another fact in this context is that demand is higher than the available supply. Present day graduate colleges, IITs and NITs are producing or meeting just 25% of this demand every year. There is a huge chance for graduates to acquire right talents and skills in this field in order to transform into a good incumbent for these jobs. ISM UNIV is aware of this shortage of engineers and offering constantly a course for this purpose that is “Advance Diploma in VLSI Design & Verification”. Here, government deployed SMDP or “Special Manpower Development Program” to address the needs of the VLSI and Chip design firms is mainly concentrating on IITs and NITs.

The hierarchy of the employment in chip design and VLSI field is quite extensive. There is gamut of choices to select in it. Architecture team is currently at top through dealing the designing part of the chip. Logic design team is another field of interest in chip design that deals with implementation of the defined design using high end language. Similarly, circuit designing team in this sector deals with synthesizing logic description in the circuit. Physical design team in it deals with needed marks for final output. The next and final part in it belongs to the verification & testing.

The salient job functions in this field are seen as Designing, Production, Test process, applications and the Process Engineering. Some of the top and worldwide companies currently looking for these talents are Texas Instruments, Alliance Semiconductors, PMC Sierra, Cadence, Analog Devices, HCL Technologies, Cypress Semiconductors, Philips Semiconductors, Intel, Quantum, Micron Tech, einfochips, Wipro and some more.

ISM UNIV is at present pioneer and rated as #1 training institute for embedded systems training. The Advanced Diploma in VLSI Design & Verification program from this expert is your gateway to earn an entry into this field. Definitely, there is a great demand at present for the qualified VLSI and Chip design professionals. It is wise to target this kind of ever growing field for your career and it will let you excel well than all others. Reach out the ISM UNIV counselor through online chat or through phone. They will be glad to be of help to enlighten further on this program for you.