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12 Oct 2017

Why Selenium? – Selenium Training Institute Bangalore & Hyderabad

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Why to choose Selenium tool? – Selenium Training Institute Bangalore & Hyderabad


-Gowthami S


I’m writing this article regarding to why Selenium tool? This question is quite common with all the Organisations, institutes and job seekers, here are some information which justifies the fact for choosing selenium as your tool.


The automation tool before was working only on specific OS, browser specific, consumes a big memory to work with it and few drawbacks were there to handle the alerts and pop ups the Selenium came as solution for these drawbacks.


Selenium was born in 2004 during a period where truck load of amount to be paid to work with the automation tools, and Selenium was Open source and it is wise decision to go with Selenium if you interact only with web applications. Selenium is light weight tool which is very small to install in terms of resource usage, easy to install and easy to use. Selenium offers its users an array of development languages to choose from. Selenium supports multiple language bindings such as java, Ruby, Python, php and c# and you require being comfort in any one language, so it makes tester to select the language which is convenient. This becomes the highly beneficial feature to select the language which is independent to the applications is been developed. Taking other automation tools to concern the Selenium has capability to work on every OS and it supports a range of browsers like Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari and Opera. Selenium is suit of tools and each operates on its own goal. The simplest one is Selenium IDE which focuses on record and playback as other tools and the language used is called as Selenese. The specialty of IDE is that we can export that test script to other programming languages. Selenium webdriver which is future of automation tool people say as. The migration from the great automation tool i.e., QTP to Selenium especially webdriver accounts in 80% increase in script execution time in single machine. Webdriver aims to mimic the real user and as such interacts with html of the application. The Webdriver provides an user friendly API through which user can build and maintain an efficient test script. It is possible to quickly add the support to new browsers that might be released. Webdriver enables user to perform web based mobile testing so it is having a separate driver called Android Driver and iphoneDriver. Selenium Grid is one more tool in the suit which allows the user to perform parallel script execution, this feature makes selenium special. The single script at a time can be run in different platforms which can be done using an IDE as eclipse. Selenium supports convenient open source frameworks such as TesNG, Junit , AutoIt etc. Selenium has a dynamic developer community that is backed by Google. Handling of Ajax is always a challenging job, selenium has got built in feature to handle by implementing proper sync.


The Facebook is using selenium for its agile testing, as it releases twice in day it uses Selenium to write automation script as a witness of re usability. With no upfront investment on test automation tool, a testing team can build a cost effective robust test automation process.

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