management1ISM Management team is headed by Dr.Loganathan.V, Who is an intellectual inspired to be a niche entrepreneur, is a founding member of the team, has vast experience in the industry as software consultant and project Manager, has immense knowledge on the training methodologies followed by world renowned institutions. ISM has the top level management team of five headed by Dr.Loganathan and second level management team headed by each member of top level management. The top level managers manage second level management team of five to eight each.
ISM has a team of dedicated managers who are committed to provide the best training in the industry and make ISM the best training institute chain in the world.

Quality Controller:

OUR quality control procedures are stringent and accurate, to identify an individual who do not meet the requirement to pass the subject, with such intensive filtering we ensure the product out (The Embedded Engineers) meets all the criterias of the employer.

To build a value based training system, which would guide the engineering community of the country and rest of the world to reach the new height in their career and technological development.
To become a premier (The Best/ No.1) training company in the globe.


Dedicated Technical & Management teams headed by Dr.Loganathan.V
Quality of the training. Our business ethics & our social participation.