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Latest Android App Trends Explained by ISM UNIV

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27 May 2016

Latest Android App Trends Explained by ISM UNIV

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Latest Android App Trends Explained by ISM UNIV

Going mobile is at present at quick pace all across the world. Present day smartphones playing vital role in accomplishing many of our tasks within our professional and personal fronts. Here, around 80% of these smartphones at present are powered through the Android mobile OS. This is resulting into huge attention to android mobile app development. It is important here for this app development industry to evolve well into the needs and expectations of the user base. Here, some of the latest trends in this field deserve our attention without fail:

  1. Security: The way smartphone app users are increasing necessity for its security measures too demanding in a huge level. Present day smartphone user keeping a lot of professional and personal data within their devices. Here, security for this data is at risk, when downloaded any malicious software enriched app. The latest demand from the android app users is the utmost security for their data. It is imperative here to strengthen security part of the android app in a way vulnerabilities can be kept at bay successfully.
  2. Enterprise Mobile App: Present day businesses all over the world are targeting their customer base using mobile app because users are transacting their needs online using smartphones. Already thousands of enterprise android mobile apps were released, but still there is a necessity for them further more.
  3. Swift Program: Google is very soon going to add Swift Technologies to the android OS. This comes with wide range of benefits for the OS. Importantly, it helps to integrate offline and online differences seamless for management, finance and retail sectors.
  4. Cloud Based apps: Cloud computing is already merged successfully with the present day mobile app development. There is gamut of benefits associated with these cloud based mobile apps. Importantly, it will help the developer to limit the app size in order to cope up well against bandwidth management issues as well as memory errors.
  5. IOT (Internet Of Things): The latest talk of the technology town is definitely IOT. This technology introduction to Android mobile app development can take it successfully into another innovative level. The latest Google Glass, iWatch and many more are the significant proofs in this context, but still there is a long way ahead for this mobile app development through integrating IOT into it.

ISM UNIV Hyderabad and Bangalore is currently offering a best android mobile app development program. This program is designed in a way keeping in mind the mentioned trends as well as the present day industry expectations. Advanced Diploma in Android Application Development from ISM UNIV is definitely worth paying attention by the job seekers, college passed out students and professionals looking to improve their skills. Reach these people online through chat or phone or by person. This will offer you further more insight into the program and its career prospects.