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6 May 2016

Java Programming Language Features Explained By ISM UNIV

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Java Programming Language Features Explained By ISM UNIV

 Currently, Java is the widely used programming language all across the world and this is a best object oriented program language to develop applications and software for businesses. Software professionals always prefer Java instead of any other programming language for apps and software development needs. Here, the available features in this language always standing as a greatest help and support for developers on their works in many forms. This is giving good edge for this programming language over other available languages.

Let us see its features one by one in detail below:

  • Simple: Java is definitely simple and easy to code within programs besides being easy to write as well as debug too. Importantly, it provides the best bug free environment and totally tough to crash it too. It got strong and powerful memory management choices in its system too.
  • Platform Independent: Java works on a special concept that enables Write Once and Run Anywhere. This kind of concept is making it totally platform independent. This important feature of this program language making it preferred one for all. How it is platform independent is explained as program written will never convert directly into machine code and it will be converted successfully into the byte code through the Java Compiler. Then, this byte code will be converted in the form of machine readable format through JVM (java Virtual Machine). So, it is imperative to install JVM and JDK in the platform.
  • Secure: Java is always a most secured programming language. It is impossible to hack or crack or crash code written in Java. Here, security manager will determine required accessibility choices of class and system’s public key encryption will allow java app for transmitting over internet as secured and well encrypted format and checking of the classes will be once again duly verified after loading by bytecode verifier.
  • Robust: Java is popular for its automated garbage collection capacity and for the strongest memory allocation capability. Its compiler checks constantly in order to avoid the crashing kind of situations and to keep it well secured. Its exceptional handling as well as mechanism to type checking making it totally robust.
  • Performance: Java performance is always faster and it can be attributed to its lightweight process that is enabled through threads. Also, Java compiler’s usage of Just In Time technique in compilation another advantage for its improved performance.
  • Multi-Threaded: Multithreading is another best feature in Java that deserves special mentioning here. In Java, a single program is successfully divided into the multiple threads in a way they can be executed independently and simultaneously. This will result into quick, fast and effective performance in return. Here, multiple thread execution is mainly dependent over the written code. Importantly, any of these threads will never cause into disturbance for other threads execution.