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3 May 2016

Java Platforms Explained by ISM UNIV

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Java Platforms Explained by ISM UNIV

 Every software application is designed specifically to perform a task. Here, function of the software application is always same, but its usage will differ from user to user in many forms. To address these different needs for the different users, Java technologies standing as a best source since its inception. Here, this Java is available in different platform editions and each edition contains different Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and the platform is designed in a way to cater well for the particular type of applications. Java Learning Platforms Explained by ISM UNIV Let us see some of these Java Platform editions in detail below:

  • Java Standard Edition or Java SE: This is a very commonly used platform edition in Java. This is proven option to develop versatile applications over the many types of computer platforms. The specialty of this platform edition is its capacity to offer utmost security, portability for applications, productivity, collaboration, cost reduction and to boost communication. Already many versions of this edition emerged and made a mark in the field too.
  • JEE or Java Enterprise Edition: JEE is famous for its ability to develop complex applications those are best for the big and medium businesses. The applications developed through this edition are server based and aimed to serve well for more than one user. It enables the usage of the application for multiple users at once successfully. Here, Java EE with light weight web profile is a best choice to develop web apps while its full fledged enterprise edition is proven as best for the enterprise apps.

Best Java Learning Platforms Explained by ISM UNIV

  • Java Micro Edition or Java ME: This edition was earlier used to be called as J2ME too. This edition is good to develop flexible and efficient applications to cater well on mobile platforms and linked devices like printers, PDAs and the set top boxes. This Java ME comes with the robust security features besides keeping things totally user friendly through flexible interfaces. It works effectively under built in network protocols too. Applications developed through this edition support successfully offline and online too. These apps can be used successfully over multiple devices too.
  • Java Card: Java card is another proven technology to develop applications and applets function for smart cards, small devices and some more those are with limited memory features. Secured environment is another specialty with the Java Card technology to function well the developed applets. Multiple applications can be made to work on a single card successfully using this technology. The tools set and apps within the Java card enable easy creation of new apps.
  • Java course at ISM UNIV covers up all Technologies of JAVA like Core Java , Java Standard Edition , Java Enterperise Edition J2EE , Java Micro Edition J2ME & Java card JC.