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IOT Training Institute Bangalore | IOT Training Institute Hyderabad - IOT

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31 Oct 2017

IOT – IOT Training Institute Bangalore and Hyderabad


IOT – IOT Training Institute Bangalore and Hyderabad

What is IoT

The Internet of things (IoT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and network connectivity which enable these objects to collect and exchange data. Ism Univ Bangalore offers IOT Training Institute Bangalore and IOT Training in Hyderabad.

How IoT works

Internet, things, Internet of things, Internet of Everything! These are some of the buzzwords you may have been hearing, reading & very likely talking about endlessly.

These are more than just keywords; IoT (Internet of Things) is a technology concept and/or an architecture which is an aggregation of already available technologies.

Best IOT Training Institute Bangalore, Hyderabad

IOT Training Institute – Similar to the way in which Internet has changed the way we work & communicate by connecting us (humans) through World Wide Web, IoT aims to take this connectivity to next level by connecting various devices to the internet – facilitating human-machine, machine-machine interactions also.

The visionaries have also realized that this IoT ecosystem has business applications in areas of Home Automation, Automotive, Factory/assembly line automation, Retail, Medical/Preventive healthcare and more.

Now that we all understand the IoT concept, it would be worthwhile to deep dive in order to get familiar with the building blocks of IoT:

1.) Sensors & Sensor technology – They will sniff a wide variety of information ranging from Location, Weather/Environment conditions, Grid parameters, Movement on assembly lines, Jet engine maintenance data to Health essentials of a patient

2.) IoT Gateways – IoT Gateways, as the name rightly suggests, are the gateways to internet for all the things/devices that we want to interact with. Gateways help to bridge the internal network of sensor nodes with the external Internet or World Wide Web. They do this by collecting the data from sensor nodes & transmitting it to the internet infrastructure.

3.) Cloud/Server infrastructure & Big Data – The data transmitted through gateway is stored & processed securely within the cloud infrastructure using Big Data analytics engine. This processed data is then used to perform intelligent actions that make all our devices ‘Smart Devices’!

4.) End-user Mobile apps – The intuitive mobile apps will help end users to control & monitor their devices (ranging from room thermostat to jet engines & assembly lines) from remote locations. These apps push the important information on your hand-held devices & help to send commands to your Smart Devices!

5.) IPv6 – IP addresses are the backbone to the entire IoT ecosystem. Internet is concerned about IP addresses only & not if you are a human or a toaster. With IPv4 we were running out of IP addresses, but with IPv6 (launched in 2012) we now have 3.4*10^38 IP addresses



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