Class Rooms


ISM believes in modern infrastructures, and makes the students treated as guests of our facilities; we look for a comfortable and memorable stay in ISM. Our class room facility are very comfortable and match with best facilities among the world class institutes, having comfortable seating with state of art teaching aids with air-conditioned environment which simulates a open natural environment.


ISM has heavily invested on lab infrastructures to make training short of nothing, with licensed softwares and hardwares required for project development. You will experience a real development environment at our lab. All softwares used in our lab are legally licensed and has emulation and development hardware, with sophisticated software tools.

Software :

software ISM is one of the few training institutes in the country which uses legally licensed softwares, has license for Windriver Vxworks, Symbian, RedHat Linux, WIN CE, Turbo C, .NET framework, J2EE and others.





hardwareISM has computer terminals of modern configuration, with max. memory and processor configuration 
available in the industry. ISM has Cluster of Servers with WINDOWS 2000 as the backbone with robust backups. ISM has invested on various other hardware such as Development boards , FPGA,s , PLC kits , Emulator boards, DSP Boards , ARM Boards , Power PC boards, GSM /GPRS /UMTS development boards , 8051 /PIC / AVR / Rabbit Development boards and others.