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19 May 2016

Future of VLSI and Chip Design Industry

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Future of VLSI and Chip Design Industry

 Electronics is currently largest and ever growing manufacturing industry in the world with the market above $1.75 trillion. Vision 2020 by the Indian government is predicting a bright future for the Indian ESDM that is Electronic Systems Design and Marketing. This is developed as a strategically crucial for the India’s ESDM in a way to reach the turnover of above $400 billion by the year 2020. Here, ESDM is comprised of India’s chip design, VLSI design, hardware board designs and embedded software development. In the year 2010, these all fields in India made a business of around $7.5 billion while it was $10.2 billion in the year 2012.

The made predictions are totally fool proof because of the constantly growing or increasing demand for the consumer electronic products and progressing well telecom and networking industry. Today, top 25 semiconductor firms and top 10 cable firms are located in India. It is imperative in this context to talk about the embedded software development industry too. It is offering largest contributor of this industry with estimated business around $8.6 billion in the year 2012. This industry growth is definitely deserves attributing to the present day product customization requirements besides being low entry level barriers adaptation. Similarly, board and hardware design industry, which is also part of this field made a business roughly around $672 millions in the year 2012.

At present, India’s semiconductor business sector holding the talent pool around 1, 63,000 engineers and 20,580 among them are serving in VLSI industry. All of these mentioned VLSI engineers served on 4150 projects in the year 2011. Also, it is important here to note that above 82% of the engineers in this field are serving in embedded software development needs. There is another important point to mention here without fail is that the 78% of this talent are youngsters.

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