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Am I Eligible for Advanced Diploma in Embedded System course ?

If you are a Graduate or Diploma in EC/EEE/CS/IT  you are Naturally Eligible for the course. Get all the information to read faq.

I saw bad comments and complaints on ISM in Internet , what do you say about it ?

This is one of the proof that we stand tall in this industry , Most of the people will target the tallest.

For example:

Terrorist who wants to gain the attention of American Govt. hit the tallest building by aircraft , he did not hit a hut……

many of the complaints created are by unknown people who have wrong intention on ISM , it’s not by our students.

But you must understand that on every organisations there are complaints hence its worth ignoring.

Airtel has the maximum complaints , but we all know Airtel is the best network in India ……….

Is every news comes on news paper or news Channels is truth ??



Do you offer E-learning courses ?

Yes , please refer this page : www.ismuniv.com

Do you offer correspondence courses ?

Yes we do , please refer this page:www.ismuniv.com

Is the placement is Guaranteed 100% ?

No , We assist all students in Placements , We have an exclusive team working on Placements , We place minimum of 15 students a month and organise minimum of 20 interviews.


Please do not believe in 100% placements. No institute are able to provide 100% placements.

Please check this link for our Placement Testimonials.

Will I get Discount in course Fee ?

No Discount in Course fee , but sometimes we run Offers like New Year Offer or Off-season offer all are eligible to get offer

Will I be able to develop Embedded System myself after this course?

Yes, Advanced Diploma in Embedded Systems prepares you to become a matured Embedded Developer who can design any Embedded Applications independently.

We are currently providing services in Bangalore & Hyderabad




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