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4 May 2016

Career Prospects for Java Programmers Explained by ISM UNIV

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Career Prospects for Java Programmers Explained By ISM UNIV

 Java Programming language emerged more than 20 years back and still maintaining its monopoly successfully in the IT sector. If you check the worldwide job markets, then Java programmers requirement seen at raise than any other professionals. IT job sites are looking for these professionals worldwide and demand for them is always ever growing too. A recent survey said that at any point the requirement for java programmers will range around 16000. Currently, Java is one among the top ten skills worldwide recruiters are looking for.

What is Java?

Java is an open source and platform independent programming language. It offers successfully easy to use or access APIs with ability to manage automatically memory besides being support for garbage collection too. Importantly, it offers successfully multiplatform support too. Dynamic web applications development is more effective using Java and you can obtain support for your online services from it too. Also, codes are totally reusable in this programming language.

Career Outlook for a Java Professional

Present day technology giants like TCS, CTS and many more are using Java as the preferred programming language on their projects. Mainly, for developing enterprise applications, software applications and online apps programming language Java is standing as a best choice. A well trained Java professional can obtain positions in many forms based on the acquired skill sets like “software developer”, “EJB Programmer”, “web programmer”, “application developer”, and “web developer”.

Salary Offers for Java Programmers           

Salary and benefits of a java programmer are always dependent over the skill sets and experience. There is a chance that entry level programmer can start it at 2 lakh rupees per anum while the experienced and certified professionals got chance to receive from 12 lakhs to 15 lakhs per anum.