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18 May 2016

Career Opportunities in VLSI Design & Verification Field Explained by ISM UNIV

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Career Opportunities in VLSI Design & Verification Field Explained by ISM UNIV

 Advancements in technological field are not a new thing as many developments taking place constantly. Especially, product innovations, its geometries and features are taking new trends all over the world on daily basis. At this kind of outset, demand for VLSI engineers increasing in order develop, design and reengineer ICs (integrated Circuits). It is significantly indicating the great scope for excellence for the professionals those are in this field. This is a best growth enriched field with handsome opportunities from all across the world. Currently, over 30,000 engineers are working in VLSI Chip design & verification field while more than 200,000 engineers working in semi conductor field.

Jobs within this industry are mainly distributed in 4 areas like embedded small FPGA app development, FPGA embedded design, ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) and VLSI Verification for the ASIC/Embedded/FPGAs designs. These jobs in India are mostly verification based those are for ASIC designs. If you’re targeting these jobs, then you should be good in UVM (unified Verification Methodology), or good in OVM (Open Verification Methodology), and SystemVerilog. Any engineering graduate or post graduate with a certification program in VLSI Design is currently a best sought after one for this field.

The entry level jobs are plenty in this field and companies are looking to recruit fresh graduates with exposure in VLSI Design & Verification. Be proficient or have little overview over digital domain & HDL languages (VHDL/Verilog) in order to be a best match for these entry level jobs. These skills are very much used in FPGA Embedded Systems industry at present. It is your gateway to enter and excel well in this industry through VLSI design entry level jobs.

VLSI Chip design process is currently expecting to recruit the fresh graduates. There are several stages involved in this process of design. The biggest opening a fresh graduate can expect in this field at front end design & verification part that is RTL (Register Transfer Level). There is an ever growing demand in this field for the professionals in timing analysis, logic synthesis, testability designing, verification of physical design, CMOS IC design mixed signal and analogue, development of CAD tools, verification & validation of hardware and many more. The pay package in this field starts at low for entry level professionals, but growth will be enormous and quicker too.

Any electrical or electronics or computer engineering graduate can be more successful at their professional front through adding the chip design skill to their profile. ISM UNIV offering Advanced Certification in VLSI Design & Verification is your trusted gateway for this career buildup. According to the present day one of the prominent job portal says above 55% of fresh engineers every year entering into the VLSI domain. Contact us today to know more about this program and its enrolling procedure. Our online chat support is more convenient for you to learn more info on it while all our counselors always attentive to receive your call and to clarify you more on this on 080-40494949 or 9448474282.